Last Day of School {2013}

Last week was our last day in the Older Toddler program at school. We’ve had a really fun year with our friends and Miss D as we celebrated Pesach, Valentine’s Day, took school photos and attended fun class trips. We’ve already signed up for Toddler Two’s in the fall.

Look at what a difference a year makes!

picstitch(2)Our last class was right before our first swimming lesson, that is why she’s in a bathing suit. Noticing the pacifiers? This picture was taken not to long after our sicky Memorial Day weekend.

For our end of the year gift I wanted to give Miss D something small but meaningful. Thanks to Pinterest, I found something that fit. I downloaded the .pdf below, outlined Sarah’s hand and purchased a bottle of soap. My version is on the left.. picstitch

Miss D loved the homemade touch! Here is Sarah with our fun loving teacher on our last day of class.

IMG_7381After some more Pinterest research, I found a great idea I hope to continue in the future.

For every year Sarah is in school I will have her teacher write a short message to Sarah. When Sarah graduates elementary school or even middle school I’ll present her with this special book.

Thanks to my baby shower “bring a book instead of a card” idea, I already owned Oh, The Places You’ll Go! All I had to do was type and print a message. Oh, The Places You'll Go!The rest was in Miss D’s hands. She wrote a lovely message and even included my nickname for Sarah.

I’m truly going to miss Miss D and our class!

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