Labor Day {2014}

Sarah was getting over a cold, so we spent the morning lounging around in our PJ’s.

For lunch Sarah wanted to picnic outside. It was too hot to go to the park so we just laid our blanket in our apartment’s hallway and ate our lunch.


Just like we did last year on Labor Day we got together with our mommy group for a picnic dinner at the park.


It was SUPER crowded and SUPER hot that evening.


Luckily we found a spot up on the hill near the kids playground. The only downside to our space was the kids kept wanting to only play on the playground. Unfortunately, that meant very short adult conversations.


None of us really cared for the band, so we just hung out and played.


For dessert I brought a delicious Peanut Butter bundt cake. Sorry I forgot to take a picture, but recipe can be found here.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



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