The Kiss Box

Sarah has phases where she only wants me. I’m with her 24/7 so I completely understand, but it can also be exhausting at times.

Today at Make Monday our host Enza had the perfect art project!

We each got to make a Kiss Box.

Mama Chit Chat: The Kiss Box

A Kiss Box is based on the book The Kiss Box by Bonnie Verburg. Get yours here.

Mama Chit Chat: The Kiss Box

Each kid got to decorate our Kiss Boxes with different color papers, stickers and more.

Mama Chit Chat: The Kiss Box

The point of the Kiss Box as explained in the book is “A reassuring story about separation and love.

In this soothing love story between mother and child, Mama Bear offers various vessels to contain their love while they are apart–but none seem right. It’s not until Little Bear suggests that they make each other a Kiss Box–filled with a hundred kisses–that they are able to stay connected–no matter where they are.

Whether it be an errand to the grocery store, a business trip, or the first day of school, this is a tender reminder that we are always together where it matters most: in our hearts.”

I absolutely love this idea! Thanks again Enza!!

Mama Chit Chat: The Kiss Box

In the next few days, Sarah and I plan to fill the box with our favorite mementos.

Do you have a child with separation anxiety? What kind of things do you do to help the transition?

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