July Recap {2013}

I love reading blogs! Specifically, a blog called The Larson Lingo. Every month Mel posts a “Snapshot” of the month. Therefore I decided to start my own month in review.

Here is a look into our jam packed July.

The month started off with a remembrance of my great doda (aunt in Hebrew) Lily’s passing 14 years ago. She was a fabulous woman! Always smiling and laughing. Sarah’s middle name is after my great doda Lily. I hope Sarah takes after my aunts joy of life, always smiling and laughing!

Miss you doda Lily!!

A few days later, we celebrated Independence day both on the 3rd of July and the 4th of July!

photo IMG_8279

Every weekend of the month, we where invited to a birthday party by Sarah’s friends!

Here is Sarah at Aiden’s Mickey Mouse birthday party!

1043911_10201662548472672_2012881541_nCatarina’s Curious George Party.


Lydia’s Sesame Street birthday party.

IMG_8500Noticing a theme? My daughter loves cupcakes! So when I tell her we are going to her friends birthday party, she says “Maybe have some cupcake.” I don’t need a cupcake, I could just eat her!

  And unfortunately during Ayden’s birthday party weekend Sarah came down with a cold.

We also attend my sister-in-law’s company’s Family Picnic. Sarah wanted and got her arm painted for the first time (she’s always been to hesitant in the past).


Sarah went to her first dentist appointment.


Sarah finished her last day of swim lessons and really knows how to swim now!


I attended a Williams-Sonoma cooking class which was really a only demonstration class.


We attended summer concerts at the park. Here is Sarah and hubby dancing along to the music with our friends Luke and Lydia.


Sarah and I went on some fun trips with our mommy group. We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, Chuck E Cheese and the movies. We had pool play dates, home play dates, and fun art projects.


I joined a gym and took my favorite Zumba class.


The Salsa Festival was also lots of fun!


It’s been a fun filled month! We even booked our annual trip to Florida to visit my parents and family in September! I am really excited but also nervous for this trip (more about that soon).

Shout out to my sister on her 22nd birthday this month :)

This picture is from dinner last year. Love you and miss you G!!


Looking forward to our adventures in August!

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