Green Birthdays

Last month was filled with a lot of reasons to celebrate. From Tu Bishvat to our jammed packed weekends, Sarah was also invited to 6 birthdays, just this month!! Thanks to our mommy group, Sarah has become quite the social butterfly. Between buying gifts, greeting cards and gift bags or wrapping paper things have gotten quite expensive!

After attending a few birthdays I noticed most of us mamas placed our gifts in gift bags. As I was rushing through a store one afternoon, Sarah grabbed a reusable bag. As I walked back to put it away I thought of an idea! My plan was to place the kids birthday gifts in the reusable tote. I picked up a few neutral bags and went home. Not only did I think it was a cute idea, but it’s also economical! That way both mommy and kid get a gift! Most reusable bags range from $1-$2 and most gift bags range from $3-$5. I was saving money and being green!

Thanks to my friend Nikki for starting my love with reusable bags. After eying her bag last summer she bought me a bag as a gift. Thanks for for being so thoughtful Nikki!

I hope this trend sticks and that my mommy friends now understand why they received a reusable bag along with a gift for their toddler :)

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I had never thought about using reusable bags, but I try not to write on gift bags and I always save them and reuse them. Especially Christmas ones. Yes, it gets expensive! Thanks for the tip!!

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