To celebrate my 36th birthday today I thought it would be fun to share 36 things about me.

(In no particular order)

1. After marrying my hubs, being a mama is my greatest accomplishment.
2. My sisters are my best friends.
3. I like meeting new people.
4. I once started a conversation with a girl in the bathroom. We are now good friends.
5. I have a handful of best friends.
6. I am my horoscope and a true Sagittarius.
7. I bite my nails, but wont when they are painted.
8. I have hyperhidrosis in my palms and eczema on my knuckles. My hands are a mess.
9. I’ve had surgery to fix my hyperhidrosis.
10. I like the the taste of water and drink lots through out the day.
11. I don’t need coffee, but drink it everyday because I like the flavor.
12. My hairdresser told me I’m 30% grey. Boo!
13. I talk to my mom everyday.
14. I’ve never been to the movies by myself.
15. I rather spend time with people then by myself.
16. I’m learning to like alone time.
17. I’m a lifestyle blogger.
18. I speak two languages.
19. I don’t like desserts with citrus.
20. I love chocolate.
21. I start to plan my kids birthday parties 6 months in advance. And then do it all last minute.
22. I used to be a wedding coordinator.
23. l love celebrating everything and anything. There is no event too small.
24. I need 10 hours of sleep.
25. I’m not a morning person.
26. I am committed to my faith.
27. I only have apple electronics.
28. I had braces longer then I should have because my orthodontist passed away and it took them a while to find a replacement.
29. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day.
30. I’ve always only drank red wine, but have been dabbling with white wine.
31. I once walked in a fashion show.
32. I loved high school.
33. All 4 of my grandparents are from Egypt.
34. I’m not aloud to go to Egypt.
35. I have dual citizenship.
36. I’m shy when you first meet me.

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