6 to 9 Month Baby Favorites

With so many family and friends asking me what are my favorite items for baby, I thought it was time to share my favorites.

My 6 to 9 Month Baby Favorites:

High chair cover: At this age I put baby in a highchair. To give baby some extra padding and to cover the highchair I use this. Additionally it fold into a pouch which making carrying easy.  Baby food maker: At first you are going to convince yourself that you don’t need another gadget for baby, but really you need a baby food maker. It’s an all in one gadget that steams, cooks and prepares food with one touch of a button. I would make a few dozen containers of baby food in the beginning on the week, put it in the freezer and then take one out every night. By morning I had a fresh container of baby food ready to go. Food containers: I like these containers because they have the least amount of parts. There tops are connected to their bottoms. As is I have to deal with our Tupperware tops and bottoms in the kitchen. Spoons: These rounded spoons are perfect. They are soft on baby’s gums and long enough for baby to hold onto.

Silicone bibs: I love these heavier type of bibs for feedings. They wash easily and catch baby’s crumbs. Where as the thin ones doesn’t really open and catch the mess. Best part this rolls up for easy storage. Mesh Feeder: I love placing frozen food here in the summer. Need a few minutes in the kitchen? Place baby in the high chair with this mesh feeder and you got some time to take care of things. Snack Containers: These containers are baby friendly with soft flaps yet are spill proof. Tie them to your stroller for easy snack access.Boogie Wipes: I resisted buying this for my first kid because really a tissue does the trick. However after wiping your baby’s nose multiple times a day their nose gets red. These wipes are great for there little sensitive noses. Alternate between Boogie Wipes and tissues for a less irritated nose.Teethers: We kept an assortment of teething items around the house for when baby needs something to chew on. These are some of our favorites. So there you have it, my favorite items for babies 6 to 9 months old.

0 to 3 month favorites

3 to 6 month favorites

Have anything to add? Please comment below.

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