10 on 10 {June 2014}

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month. Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!

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Here is a sneak peek of our day!

Since Sarah started using the potty, she’s been waking up early to pee. I’m proud of her for letting me know, but 7 am is to early for this mama!! Lately, after I get her out, I’ve been crashing on the couch for a bit. I’ve checked my blood and had a psychical a few weeks ago, so I’m still not sure why I am so so tired. Shortly after hubby woke up so I ran back to bed. I finally woke up for the day at 10am!


My cousin, Tiffany, came to town for her brother-in-law’s wedding so we made plans to meet up for breakfast. We met up at one my favorite cafes where they make the cutest foam designs.


A few days ago, Tiffany asked me if Sarah would be her flower girl for her wedding this December. Not only did I say yes I waited to tell Sarah the news until that morning. Sarah was super excited and mentioned it to anyone she saw throughout the day.

IMG_9192 IMG_9197

After brunch, Sarah and I had a mommy and me date. We started the afternoon by visiting the turtles at the commons.


Then we walked over to Barnes N Noble kids area where I spotted this sign that made me laugh. Really? Isn’t that a duh?


We headed home and got ready for nap, but Miss Sarah was not interested. This marks the first time she didn’t take a nap because she didn’t want to. We’ve missed nap a handful of times due to trips away from home. While I took my much needed break, Sarah played with her figurines.


Since Sarah wasn’t napping and hubby came home on the earlier side, they decided to go swimming. I prepared dinner and did misc things around the house. For dinner I made salmon and oven roasted brussel sprouts.


Thanks to swimming Sarah was super hungry and ate all of her brussel sprouts. 

After I put Sarah down for bed I drove to my friend Jen’s house for a little birthday celebration. We hung out by the fire pit and roasted marshmallows.


I forgot to bring sticks so we macgivered it with a wire hanger from her next door neighbor.

I tried taking a picture with the birthday girl, but we couldn’t stop laughing.


There is nothing better then laughing with good friends!

Before heading home, we took a group picture. Got to love timer apps!


My day didn’t end until midnight, but thanks to my morning nap I was only a little sleepy.

Hope you had a great 10th!

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[…] Check out last month’s post here. […]

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