10 on 10 {January 2017}

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Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
After dropping Sarah off at school I  came back home and sat down for breakfast with this cutie!    After 5 years of having the same cleaning lady clean my house she disappeared. She hasn’t answered my calls nor any of my texts. Like poof! Gone into thin air!
So I took it as a sign and started cleaning the house myself. Oh man, what a mistake! Every time I tried to clean, Jacob would hang on to me or when I did it during nap time it would take me a week to finish the whole house.
After a 4 month break we hired a new cleaning lady! As soon as Jacob saw those products he started to hang on me. What is it about a bottle of Lysol that he doesn’t like? Ugh!!
Jacob and I stayed home that morning encase she had any questions. J watched some YouTube videos while I did laundry and planned my blogging schedule. Just as the cleaning lady was getting ready to leave my washing machine burst. At first I thought it was the way she cleans until I saw it started to gush. We both rushed to laundry doors and attempted to make it stop. After some cleaning I called my landlord and sent him these pics.
J and I headed to grocery store before nap time. I just love the color of fresh produce.
This little guy is cute too!
Back home Jacob napped while I cleaned up, answered some emails and watched TV.   
Hubby was in the area while Jacob was still napping so he offered to pick up Sarah and dropped her off. Thanks babe!
We lounged a bit and then headed to Sarah’s friend, Lydia’s house for a play date.
Upon leaving their house I ran into a pole and almost fell off their driveway!!!
Lydia’s father nor I wanted to touch the car and make anymore mistakes so I quickly called hubby to the rescue.
I was exhausted and to upset to make dinner so we just ate eggs and toast for dinner.
After the kids went to bed I passed out at 8 pm.
Phew what a day!
Hope you had a nice 10th! 
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