10 on 10 {February 2017}

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Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
I’ve been letting Sarah dress herself on school days. But on the weekends or if we go somewhere important I get to pick. This way she gets it out of her system and I get what I want. Today she picked out this gem.Brown shirt, grey fur vest, turquoise skirt, black leggings, yellow minion socks, and sparkly shoes.
Oh my!
After breakfast and drop off Jacob and I came back home and hung out a bit.We headed out and met my friend Erin at a local juice store. They were giving away strawberry almond milk that I knew J would enjoy.
I was right!
Erin and I walked around aa few of the stores. Jacob spotted a hat, so we took a selfie.Next on our agenda was a trip to Costco. Love my little shopping buddy!
We go home unloaded and then laid down for nap. Hubby happened to be home for a bit so I took the opportunity to do a little solo grocery shopping trip. I grabbed a some tea and browsed through the aisles. Ahhh…quiet!
I got home just as Jacob woke up from his nap. Hubby got a package so naturally he put him in the box. Jacob thought it was hilarious!
I picked up Sarah from school, played outside with the neighbors, made dinner and did our bed time routine without my phone. Sometimes I like to document our life and sometimes I just want to put the phone down and enjoy the moment.
Hope you had a nice 10th!
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