We recently celebrated Rosh Hashnaha or as many call it, The Jewish New Year. It’s a holiday were we go to synagogue and listen to the shofar. It’s a 2 day holiday (or a 4 day holiday if you are really observant) with festive meals. 

This year hubby cooked Rosh Hashana dinner! It was so good we ate it for left overs for 4 days!!


We had Moroccan chicken with apricots and prunes, short ribs, cider glazed carrots and butternut squash, and jeweled rice. Hubby even made us Pomegranate honey cocktails. Yum!


First night was spent at the Rabbi’s house. I took this picture of Sarah before heading out.


The second night we hosted and invited his mom, sister and another couple. Unfortunately the couple got sick and couldn’t attend. Even though we had a small crowd it was a lovely dinner.


IMG_2335 - family

I contacted Sarah’s teacher earlier in the week and asked if I could share some of our holiday customs with the class.

A half an hour before class ended I came in to read a Rosh Hashanah themed book and brought apples and honey for her class.



It was very sweet! I’m glad I was able to do this for Sarah’s class.

To all my friends who celebrate, Shana Tova!

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