When Sarah was 2, I signed her up for a Toddler Ballet and Tap class through the rec center. She went with her friend Charlie and absolutely LOVED it, but I didn’t. Read more about our experience here.

We decided to do it for a semester and then switch to gymnastics (mostly because I wanted her to experience both). Gymnastics was WAY out of her comfort t zone. After trying for several semesters we decided it was time to try something else.

After a friend told me about a new ballet studio opening up around the corner from our home I knew we had to sign up. Plus Sarah was ready to go back to ballet. She was SO excited about doing ballet she could hardly stand it. 

We purchased new ballet shoes (for my ever growing toddler) and tights. Luckily the leotard she wore last year still fit!

IMG_2433 IMG_2434

Look how darling my little ballerina looks!!


We have 9 little cute girls in our class. The girls range from 2-4. I’m not sure how long we will stay in this class as most of the girls have just turned 2.

IMG_2438 IMG_2455 IMG_2450 IMG_2447 IMG_2443

I’m glad we came back to ballet. Sarah had so much fun!


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