Zevia Zero Calorie Soda

Craving a soda is bound to happen. That sweet, bubbly, refreshing taste is just so good. With so many mixed messages circling, it’s hard to quiet the chatter and know what’s really important for ourselves and our families. Zevia is happy to be the smarter soda that you don’t have to worry about. With zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners, Zevia will be there for snack time, pool time, celebrations, graduations, birthday parties, and all of the moments in between. Think Zevia as your cheerleader for that little thing called life!

This past weekend my mommy group celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Sarah and I are so thankful to all the wonderful friends we’ve met! They have been a huge support system as I navigate this journey called motherhood.

To celebrate my friend, Cheryl hosted a mommy night out at her home.

Thanks to Zevia Zero Calorie Sodas I was able to set up a make your own float bar.

Mama Chit Chat: Zevia

I offered two different types of floats. One float was called The Slimer (non-alcoholic), which included Ginger Ale Zevia Zero Calorie Soda. The second one was called Ships Ahoy (alcoholic), which included Chery Cola Zevia Zero Calorie Soda.

Mama Chit Chat: ZeviaIt was really fun making our own floats!

Mama Chit Chat: Zevia

The mamas really enjoyed the flavors!

Mama Chit Chat: Zevia

We had such a fun time, laughing and catching up!

Mama Chit Chat: Zevia

Here is to many more anniversaries!

With smarter soda from Zevia, you can rest assured you are giving your family the bubbly drink they crave without all the bad stuff you want to protect them from. That’s right, no sugar, calories, or artificial anything.

Raise a can and let Zevia cheer on your smarter choices!

Where to purchase-

Zevia is available nationally at over 16,000 stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger and Safeway banners, select Target stores, Harris Teeter, Meijer, HEB and many more. For a retailer in your area, please visit zevia.com.

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my participation in the Moms Meet program. While Zevia provided me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.

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