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Living in Los Angeles for the past 10 years, I’ve been able to do a lot of fun talk shows.

I had a lot of people ask me questions recently so I thought I’d go down memory lane and answer any questions you might have here.


In October 2010 my friend Julee invited me to join her for my 1st visit to the Ellen show.

Minnie Driver, Bret Michaels and Perez Hilton were the guests. My friend Julee won a shirt for dancing during the commercial break. It was such a fun experience!

Then a few days later in October 2010 my friend, Paula invited my to join her for another taping of the Ellen Show. This time we saw Clint Eastwood, Kellie Pickler and Tina Knowles.

9 years later, on September 7, 2019 my friend, Brandi invited me to join her and her friends for my 3rd taping. Unfortunately Ellen wasn’t there but we got picked as the focus group and got lot’s of camera time.

The guests were Taye Diggs, Amanda from Bring The Funny show and musical guest BROCKHAMPTON. Everyone received a Popeye Chicken Sandwich voucher as an end to the big chicken sandwich debate.

On October 17th we got to go back since Ellen wasn’t there the first time.

The guests this time were Jennifer Aniston, Robert Iger, singer Charlie Puth, a child magician and kid dancer.

This time everyone in the audience won the new iPhone 11!!

We also received Ellen’s new game: Danger Word and The Ride of Lifetime by Robert Iger.

Since it was the 25th anniversary of the show Friends, they set up a special area from the show.

What you need to know!

Tickets are free on the Ellen’s website, but you have to pick a random date on the website and hope you A) get in and B) are available for several hours in a day.

Schedule: Ellen’s show has you meet at 1pm. Between parking, getting in line and getting your number, you need to arrive at least an hour before. The show itself can tape anywhere from 2-4 hours. All depends on their set up and guests needs (i.e. game set up and musical guest set up).

Tips: Eat before you attend as their is no eating once you have been seated in the audience. Buy the water box in the gift shop. It’s a cute memory of your adventure.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

My mom wanted to experience a show in Hollywood so I took her to Jimmy Kimmel in November of 2011. Jimmy records on Hollywood and Hyland and usually has a band play in his outdoor arena. Well my mom and I had no clue who was the performer but somehow we got picked to be in the front. I felt bad for the real fans who knew all the lyrics behind me. So after they filmed his opening scene we switched with them.


My friend, Amy, is the makeup artist for the show @Midnight. To support our friend, my friend Stacee and I went in November 2016 to go check out her show. It was so fun! Amy is a super talented makeup artist.

Unfortunately the show is no longer airing.

Let’s Make a Deal

In December 2010 my friend Paula and I dressed up for the show Let’s Make a Deal! Now if you haven’t seen LMAD then your in a for a wild ride.

The format of Let’s Make a Deal involves selected members of the studio audience, referred to as “traders,” making deals with the host. In most cases, a trader will be offered something of value and given a choice of whether to keep it or exchange it for a different item. The program’s defining game mechanism is that the other item is hidden from the trader until that choice is made. The trader thus does not know if he or she is getting something of greater value or a prize that is referred to as a “zonk,” an item purposely chosen to be of little or no value to the trader.

Let’s Make a Deal is also known for audience members who dress up in outrageous or crazy costumes in order to increase their chances of being selected as a trader

We didn’t get picked to play a game, but we got some fun moments on camera.

Bethenny Show

In July 2012 my sister, G and friend Melissa went to the Bethenny Show. While the show is no longer on the air it was a really fun experience. The show is based on housewife Bethenny Frankel from the Housewives of NYC.

It was really fun and colorful inside!

We sat in a good row as all of our reactions were caught on camera.

We even won $100 visa gift card.

We won a gift card!

Jay Leno

In September 3rd 2009, hubby and I went to The Jay Leno Show. We’ve also seen him when he was on The Tonight Show.

In November 2011 my sister, Germaine, and I went to the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We got awesome pit seats! Remember when he used to come out and high five the front row guests, well that was us! Can you spot us? I’m wearing a black shirt and G is wearing a white shirt.

The Talk

Schedule: This show records at 11am and you are out by 12pm. Call time is 9am. You park in a parking lot and a shuttle takes you to The Talk lot.

Tip: if you record two shows in one day, they give you snacks in between set ups.

In 2019, my friend, Brandi and I went to The Talk. She’s been a bunch of times, but this was my first time. The show features Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Eve, Carrie Ann Inaba and Marie Osmond. They discuss the day’s latest headlines. The show also contains celebrity interviews and segments for mothers and parents in general.

This show had a lot more logistics. First we parked our car in a lot, took a shuttle to another lot, walked around a bunch of studio buildings, got to our studio, waited again, the staff took pictures of each group and then we were finally seated.

Once again we got great seats and sat in the front row. Woot woot!

I spy my purple shirt and Brandi’s white sweater on tv!

The guests on the show were actress Kelly Pickler, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, and actor Paul Wesley. On this show we wont $150 gift card to an online boutique and 4 tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific. It was so fun! Marie was such a sweetheart! She kept coming over to us and chatting.

After a long Covid break, I got tickets for The Talk in September 2021. This time I took my friend, Stacee. We saw the cast of NCIS and the giveaway was headphones worth $350. So fun! They also gave us branded black masks to wear.

In October 2021 I took my friend Michal to The Talk. The cast from NCIS was there and the giveaway was a Serum Booster and Face & Body Ice Roller.

In November 2021 I took my friend Abby to the Talk Talk. The guest was John Goodman from Roseanne. The giveaway was $100 worth of Bite makeup.

In April 2022 I took my friends, Abby and Vanessa. The giveaway was perfume and candles.

In August 2022, Michal and I attended a double show. The giveaways were a flowers subsciprtion and jewelry gift card.

In September 2022, Michal and I attend the Season premier episode with musical guests Andy Grammar and guest Howie Mandel. This time the giveaway pretty epic! We won a Cancun trip , visa gift card, Alan’s Morisette broadway show and LA Kings Hockey tickets.

Kelly Clarkson

This show tapes at 10:30am. We had to arrive 2 hours prior to get covid tested. Since everyone that enters has a negative covid test we didn’t have to wear a mask anymore. Yay!

This show also happens to have been her Halloween episode so they asked us to come dressed up. I was a 50’s girl and Michal was a 80’s girl. The guests were singer Meghan Trainor, Ghostbusters 2 star Mckenna Grace, and Ghostbuster star Ernie Hudson. The show was all about Ghostbusters so the giveaway was a pack of mini-pufts.

Looking forward to adding more talk show adventures on this page.

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