Show & Tell Tuesday – What’s On Your Phone

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…What’s On Your Phone.

This is my home screen. I have 4 pages on my phone.

I’m one of those people that has tons of unread emails. It doesn’t bother me, but I know it does bother some people. I skim my emails each day, but I only open the ones that are important. That’s why I always have a bubble next to my mail icon. About 2x a year I click delete all and never look back. :-O

OWLRFoscam: This is where I spy check on my kids. I can be anywhere that has wifi and see what they are up to. It’s nap time now, so Jacob is in his bed. Pic Stitch: This is one of my favorite apps! This is where I make all of my collages. It’s simple to use and has many collages to choose from.Boomerang: The app that loops back and forth. Super fun to use when someone is jumping in to the pool!

Punchbowl: My favorite way to send an online invitation. Which I’m currently using for my sister’s bridal shower!

Canva: Where I make those cute frames to be used in my blog.

Page 2: My stores and rewards program page. Amazon: Use their bar code reader to see if you can get it cheaper and if you have Prime it can be sent to your house for free.

Page 3: Extras, blog apps and games.Heads Up: We love playing this at restaurants or when we have a few minutes to spare. Ellen is a genius!

Uber/Lyft: I like to use this service to get to and from the airport. Use sharonk316ue to get $10 off your next uber.

WordBubbles: A great game to play snuggled up in bed.

Page 4: Kids section.YT Kids: I don’t like the random R or the scary commercials that play during the kids stuff so we switched to You Tube Kids.

Knock Knock: My kids love this game. After you upload pictures of your family, the kids knock on the picture and out comes my sister’s face and name. Great way to keep your kids connected when family is far.

What are some of your favorite apps?

Happy Tuesday!

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