Scarf Exchange {2017}

Last week my moms group got together for our annual Scarf Exchange.I just love these girls!!

It’s a really fun casual night in. Everyone comes dressed in PJ’s, brings a wrapped scarf and appetizer/dessert to share.  

Nicole made super yummy gingerbread martinis!

Normally after our exchange we just nibble some more and hang out, but this time I brought out some games. According to Pinterest these games are called Reindeer Games.

Let It Snow

Supplies Needed: Plastic spoons, cups, cotton balls, and bowls
Give each player a plastic spoon and a cup full of cotton balls. On the other side of the room, place an empty bowl for each player. Players must race to get 10 cotton balls from the cup to the bowl on the other side of the room, using just the plastic spoon. The plastic spoon must be held in the player’s mouth. If they drop a cotton ball, they should leave it and go back and get another one. 

Marshmallow Chopsticks

Supplies Needed: Mini marshmallows and chopsticks

How many marshmallows can you pick with chopsticks in one minute.

Snowman Drawing Game

Supplies Needed: Marker and paper plates

The host tells the players to place their paper plate on their head. Once everyone is ready with their plates on their heads, the host will give a series of instructions:

  1. Draw a line for the ground/snow
  2. Draw a large snowball for the base of your snowman.
  3. Create a medium sized snowball on top of the first one.
  4. Cap your snowman with a small snowball for the head.
  5. Draw a carrot nose.
  6. Now add 2 eyes and a mouth with dots of coal.
  7. Draw a scarf to keep your snowman warm
  8. Add 2 stick arms
  9. Finally, finish your snowman by drawing a top hat on your snowman’s head.

Now that the drawings are complete, place all the snowmen on the table to admire.  You can totally tell that you were all attempting to draw a snowman, however they are all a little goofy looking.  

Candy Cane Catch

Supplies Needed: ribbon, chairs, and candy canes
Tie a piece of ribbon or twine from one post or chair to another. Players must stand on top of the chairs and try to be the first to drop a candy cane from the chair onto the ribbon and get it to stay there. Play until who gets the most in a minute.

2016 – At a restaurant. 2015 – Fondue style.See more here.

2014 – Our first exchange!Such a fun tradition!

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