Rancho Oso Camping

I have a friend named, Cheryl, who’s FULL of life. She’s always down for anything crazy I throw at her, an adventure I’m thinking about and a glass of wine. So when I threw the idea out that I wanted to go camping, she was all in. She mentioned she wanted to check out Rancho OSO in Santa Barbara and we made it happen a few weeks later.

Day 1

We arrived mid afternoon, checked in, hung out and got ready for dinner. In the evenings Cheryl and I cooked dinner together in the cabin. Cheers to motherhood and good wine!

Dinner: Chili, salad, cornbread and hot dogs for the kiddos.

Dessert: Smores

Day 2

Breakfast burritos, hanging out in PJ’s, scooters and snuggles with our pet bunny, Snowflake.

We signed up for a pool time slot earlier in the day and had the pool to ourselves!

We got back from the pool in time for the horse parade. They even tossed out goody bags to the kiddos.

After sandwiches for lunch we worked on some crafts and played games. I even took an hour long nap.

Since most of the amenities were closed the campground had to get creative and had a photo scavenger hunt. We walked around looking for clues and exploring the property.

For dinner we ate sausages, peppers and onions and the kids ate pasta with meatballs.

For dessert we decorated gingerbread turkeys from Trader Joe’s.

We ended our fun filled day with a glow stick party walk around the campground.

Such a fun day!

After we put the kiddos to sleep, the adults came back out, played games and enjoyed some warm hot toddy’s.

Day 3

Breakfast was eggs in a basket and lots of coffee.

After breakfast we rode scooters, took a walk and started cleaning out our cabins.

Such fun memories with the Griffith family! Until next time.

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