Meal Planning Monday #2

Didn’t get a chance to get this out on Monday, but figured a recipe is recipe no matter when you read it.


Brought a Meal Train for my friend, Nicole and her family. After the visit I had a committee meeting to attend so everyone just ate leftovers.


Chicken Stir FryIMG_8385-Wednesday-

I had another Meal Train on this day. Since my friend, Chana keeps strict kosher I just bought her a pizza and a salad from a local Kosher restaurant. I bought a pizza for us that night too.20110918-171251-DS-JoesSM-Slice-MainThey have the yummiest and greasiest pizza in the area. We love it!


Salmon and Carrot FriesIMG_0994 I brushed the fish with a simple sauce of Dijon and soy sauce. I cut the carrots into sticks, sprinkled them with oil, salt and pepper and roasted them at 425 for 20 minutes.


Lemon baked chicken, rice and roasted zucchini. Recipe can be found here.


Ketchup (catch up) night aka left overs form the week.


Sarah’s birthday party leftovers.

What are you making this week? Share below, I’d love to try new recipes.

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