LA Zoo Lights

Last night we went to the a LA Zoo for their annual holiday event called LA Zoo Lights.

I was looking for new adventures during December to do with my family and came across this event.

It was absolutely magical!

Here is a peek into our adventure.

There’s always one kid not looking :(This rose bush was stunning! I wish the picture did it justice. After a little walking we rode the carousel.  Next up was the Twinkle Tunnel.It was beautiful, but our pouty 6 year old made it hard to enjoy as she wanted a turn in the stroller. Then we walked outside and Sarah was immediately giggling in delight. There’s something about snowfall soap bubbles that make kids happy.  It was getting cold, 59 degrees, so a hot cup of cocoa was calling our name. Thank you LA Zoo for having adult choices in your hot cocoa cart! :)

We walked around some more and checked out all the lights. The kids were loving the music in one area so we had a little family dance party.Love adventuring with my little family.Before heading out we visited the reptiles and amphibians Lair.Thanks for the fun memories LA Zoo.

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