Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites!

I’m super excited it’s Friday as our week has gone downhill and this mama can use a nap! Between Sarah having a horrible ear infection and has had to miss school, hubby has a sinus infection and Jacob’s 2 year old molars are trying to pop through, it’s been crazy around here. Somehow in between all our chaos we manged to find some favorites for the week.


Now that Sarah is in school, I have (a little) more time to spend on organizing. My under the sink cabinet is short so most storage systems don’t fit. However I was on a mission to make my cabinet organized. Jacob and I headed to Bed Beth and Beyond with my measuring tape and found something that worked. These metal storage drawers are my FAVORITE this week.

Before and after.


Sarah has been begging me to make slime at home. I finally gave in and we made while J was napping one afternoon. Seeing her smile like that is my FAVORITE.


I’m super excited to sample my shipment of Lundberg Grounded snacks on the blog next week. Chips are my love language and a FAVORITE around our house. 


The other day I was shopping at Target when hubby called to say he was in the area. He stopped by to say hi. We were in the mug aisle when I spotted these cute mugs. These mugs reminded me of our honeymoon days. :) They are super cute and would be a FAVORITE mug in my home, but then I’d have to make room for them in my cabinet and well that’s not on the to-do list. 


Finally got a chance to make this Trader’s Joe’s cauliflower pizza. It was delicious! Both Sarah and I ate the whole pie! Adding it to our FAVORITE TJ items for sure! The only things is it broke in half while baking. Any suggestions? 


Got to hang out with my lovely friend, Whitney, from the Whitney Michael’s Blog. We went to dinner and then went out to another place for dessert and drinks. My FAVORITE kind of moms night out. Happy Friday, friends!

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