Christmas Day For A Jew {2017}

Christmas day is as fun for a jew as a non-Jew.

First, we have the day off so we get to spend the day with family and friends. Second, we see a movie. Third, we go out for Chinese food. This year we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of our traditional dinner in Chinatown we went out for lunch.Knowing that Yang Chow has a long wait, we decided it was best to put our name in and then explore. Good thing we did as they quoted us a 45 minute wait. We picked up some snacks at the local market. The kids love pointing out all the things we don’t have our local market. We stopped by our favorite little tea shop for some tea. Exploring. As usual dinner was scrumptious!Per usual J fell asleep on the way home.

Instead of a movie this year we lounged around and played card games.

I’ve been meaning to make this Chanukah themed craft or a while, so after dinner we made grape Jewish stars.

I love our little traditions! 

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Check out what we did the previous years below.






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