Bath Time Fun

Every night after dinner our family takes a walk in our neighborhood. Sarah loves our walks so much that it’s been getting hard getting Sarah back home for her bath.

Other then having a good time being outside, she sees that it’s still light out, and therefore wants to continue playing outside.

However to avoid a cranky toddler the next day we needed to get her in the bath and on schedule.

Thanks to my Pinterest addiction and my friend Cheryl’s recent post, Sarah now runs to the bath with excitement!

I’ve tried a few different recipes and found our favorite recipe.

Recipe #1: food coloring, baby shampoo and cornstarch.

photo 2The ingredients mixed together.

photoVerdict: Sarah nor I liked this consistency.

Recipe #2: food coloring and shaving cream.

photo(1)The ingredients mixed together.

IMG_8896Verdict: we both loves the consistency. It was really fun to play with.

Sarah painting the bathtub walls.

IMG_8883Her preference is to paint her body.


After making both recipes we preferred recipe #2.

Then a few days later, I decided to change out the food coloring for washable paint. Too often Sarah was left with spots from the food coloring.


Recipe #3: Crayola Washable Fingerpaints and shaving cream.

photo 1 Verdict: The consistency was great and the best part, it didn’t leave any spots. Win-win!

Recipe #3 is by far our favorite recipe!

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[…] Sarah is having lot’s of fun! After some trial and error, we found our favorite recipe. Click here to see what […]

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