Almond Milk

IMG_0724 I am half way through my whole30 journey and I’ve noticed how much almond milk I’m consuming. If it’s not in my coffee then it’s in our afternoon smoothies.IMG_0812

So one day I thought, “hey I should make to make my own almond milk!”

So I did!

It’s very simple and tastes really yummy!

Step 1: Blend a bag of raw almonds with 3.5 cups of water.IMG_0934Step 2: Strain mixture into a nut bag or use a cheese cloth like I did. (I think the nut bag is a better way to go next time. It was a hot mess at one point.)IMG_0938Step 3: Use your hands and squeeze out the liquid.  IMG_0939IMG_0940Mmmmm! IMG_0941Step 4: Put milk back into the blender and add 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of vanilla.  IMG_0943Step 5: Blend until smooth. IMG_0944IMG_0945It was so yummy and creamy. Mmmm I could drink it by the gallon!

I highly recommended making your own.

Have you tried the whole30 plan? What’s your tips?



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