25 Random Things About Me

A while back, I (like everyone else on Facebook) was tagged to write “25 Random Things About Me” list. With the new FB update all of a sudden my “25 Random Things About Me” note popped up.

So I thought it would be fun to see how things have changed from January 28, 2009. Updates are in bold.

1. I’m not a morning person. I’m usually not really awake until 11 am!! (haha! I’m still not a morning person, but I’m awake wayyy before 11 am!)
2. I need a hot beverage every morning, regardless of the weather. Preferably a non fat latte with no foam. (Still the case. However now I just drink decaf lattes)
3. I love everything cupcakes!! Baking them, baking accessories, cookbooks and even dishes with cupcakes on them. (Cupcakes are still fun, but now I enjoy all types of baking)
4. Every time I visit a new city I Google “cupcake shops”. (Now I Google “fun things to do with a toddler”!)
5. I love taking pictures! Mostly of my family and friends. I have over 173 albums online. (I have over 7,000 pictures just on FB. I have a lot more on my computer backup system!)
6. My iPhone is my favorite gadget. I could spend hours upon hours on it. My favorite game on my iPhone is Tetris. (I still have an iPhone, now my favorite “game” is Instagram)
7. I love trying new restaurants, clubs, bars, etc… [Still the same :)]
8. My favorite types of foods are Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Mediterranean food. (Still the same)
9. I really love celebrating all type of holidays. From a simple 3 day weekend to my birthday. (Still the same)
10. I love the color pink and red. That’s why Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays. (Still the same)
11. I love hosting dinners, parties, birthdays, etc… (Still the same)
12. I like being busy all the time. I’m on 3 committees and I’m part of 6 groups/clubs/organizations. (I still feel that way. Now my commitments are just virtual. For example being a member of different blogging communities.)
13. I like watching mindless TV such as Gossip Girl, The Hills, The Housewives of OC, etc… (I still feel the same, however GG and The Hills are no longer on.)
14. I like meeting new people and inviting them to events I know about. (Still the same)
15. I’m very organized. Something I developed in college (weird, huh?). (Still the same)
16. I like coordinating events because of the logistics. It’s like a very big puzzle! (Still the same)
17. I get a manicure and a pedicure every 2 weeks. I really enjoy the vibrant colors of nail polish. (If only that was the case! Now I’m lucky if I get to go on my birthday.)
18. I like seasons, especially fall and summer! (Still the same)
19. I love the state of Florida, but coming around to California’s scenery. (I am officially happy to be a Californian)
20. I think my family is crazy, but wouldn’t trade them for the world. (Still the same!)
21. I still think it’s surreal that I’m a Mrs. (I felt that way for a while. Now It’s crazy to think I am a mom!)
22. The one thing I like about myself is my… hair, but don’t ever have the energy to style it. All due to my groggy mornings ☹ (Still the same situation)
23. I like accessories. I think it completes the outfit. (Still feel that way, however since having a baby I’ve worn little to none.)
24. I like to cook and try new recipes. (Still the case thanks to Pinterest!)
25. I’m very optimistic! [Still the same :)]

Have you made a “25 Random Things About Me” list? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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