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Pumpkin Patch {2018}

It’s fall ya’ll! The weather is still warm during the day here in So Cal, but the mornings and evening are cooling down and to me, that’s fall. I don’t love all the wind (hello nose bleeds!) but I love all the beautiful fall colors, the gorgeous array of pumpkins in all the stores and all the fall activates we do in October. Our favorite fall activity is checking out a Pumpkin Patch! This year we checked out FIVE different patches.


While my sister was in town, we checked out the Fall Harvest Festival at the farm. We rode some rides, went through the corn maze, checked out all different sized pumpkins and even picked the last of their blackberry crop.


Next up was a smaller pumpkin patch with our friends, Stacee, Brayden, Cheryl, Alex and Ariana.

We checked out the petting zoo, rode rides, and played a few games.


A few weeks later I won a family 4 pass to the Fall Harvest Festival at the farm. So we took hubby and checked it out again.

This time we rode some rides we missed, hopped on the tractor pulled wagon, found our favorite pumpkins and stood by the “How tall this fall?” sign.

We finished off our day by picking a few fall veggies from the farm.


Our favorite this year was the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival. In this festival we seek out all the pumpkin flavored food. I got this amazing pizza with roasted pumpkin, sage, cheese and spices. It was so simple yet so flavorful! 

Love my crew!

They also had a classic car section. Sarah got to hang inside the Back to The Future car, The DeLorean.


Our last visit for the month was a play date with friends, Sarah and Lydia. Unfortunately us moms were super chatty and I forgot to take a picture of our friends.

So thankful my family puts up with me and my love for fall!

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Harvest Crush

In honor of my good friend, Whitney‘s, birthday this week I want to share the fun moms day out we had this past fall.

I came across an event called, Harvest Crush and invited the perfect friend to join me.

Whitney and I met up at the winery and HAD the best time!We started the afternoon with a lesson on how to cut grapes. Next up was my favorite part, crushing the grapes!

We all dumped our buckets into the container, took turn climbing inside and started to stomp. It reminded when Lucy stomped grapes in this episode. We both almost slipped a few times, but luckily no one hit the floor. So fun! We did pretty good considering we were laughing most of the time! We rinsed our feet and then headed inside for lunch.Thankful for afternoons with friends!

Fall Bucket List

Happy fall ya’ll! It’s beginning to cool down here in So Cal and it kinda sorta feels like fall. Some days are super cool in the low 60’s and then some days are warm in the mid 90’s. However we have ditched our shorts and have moved on to layers. Now that it’s fall we have a few traditions we try to do each year. Here are some of our favorites!

Pumpkin Patch/Harvest Festival – We love going to the Pumpkin Patch! The food, the activities, the family photo ops and so much more!


Carve Pumpkins – While at the Pumpkin Patch we each pick out a pumpkin. A few days before Halloween we each carve our pumpkins. Check out Sarah’s pumpkin below.

Apple Picking – We haven’t done this before, but we have plans to go this year.

Host a costume play date – I love Halloween, but I don’t love all the gore that goes with it. So I host a happy Halloween play date with festive food.

Decorate Trader Joe’s edible haunted house – Every year we get one house where we all decorate. This year I have a feeling I am going to need two houses for each kiddo.

Decorate cards for hospitalized kids – The kids in the hospitals can’t go out trick-or-treating and candy is not really an option, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thought of during Halloween. Thanks to Andrea at Momfessionals, I printed blank cards and will let the kids get creative. We got the whole neighborhood involved last time and sent Vday cards.Read more about it here.

Attend our mommy group’s potluck and group picture – This fun tradition started when Sarah was a baby. A few years later we decided to make it a potluck and now it’s a whole fun event.Host Spooky Shabbat – The Friday before Halloween I like to host a formal dinner called Spooky Shabbat.See more here.

Costume Party – One of our friends from the mommy group hosts a costume party each year. Last year we went as The Incredibles.

Trick or Treat – We get together with a group of friends and trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Some years we’ve even gathered before for a little potluck.


I love themed food and Halloween is no exception. We check out Frappula’s at Starbucks, Boo-rito’s at Chipotle and decorate our own spooky face at IHOP.

What are your plans this fall? Any fun family traditions? I’d love to try new things. Please comment below.

Pumpkin Patch {2015}

Every fall we take Sarah to the Pumpkin Patch for some fall fun.

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I love fall and the cooler weather. Unfortunately So Cal is having unbelievable hot weather. Making fall unnoticeable and our trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year short.

We started our day by taking photos with some of the props. IMG_1289 IMG_1282We walked around a bit and spotted some Halloween themed games. IMG_1297 IMG_1290For lunch I seeked out all the pumpkin items. I started with pumpkin (and tomato-basil) empanadas and ended with a pumpkin shake. IMG_1279IMG_1305

Both were really really good!

It was hot, but lot’s of fun! I love our fall traditions! IMG_1299The following week we met our friends for a play date at the Pumpkin Patch. DSC06162IMG_1428DSC06179IMG_1411 - favWe tired getting a group picture, but the kids were not having it :(DSC06145So instead Erin took some cute pictures of Jacob and me. DSC06155 DSC06156   I love the farm during this time of the year. Everything is so beautiful! IMG_1454Just like last year we measured our height near the “How Tall This Fall” sign. This time Jacob participated too!ImageMaybe next year I’ll get them to smile at the camera ;)

Pumpkin Patch {2014}

Every fall we take Sarah to the Pumpkin Patch for some fall fun.

This time we had my sister in town so we decided to check out a new patch.


We had a fun day! We started off with getting Sarah’s face painted.

IMG_2851She loves getting her face painted! She picked a snake on one cheek and a butterfly on the other cheek. As a bonus, Sarah was also able to get a tattoo of her choice.

Then we moved on to some carnival style games.


The weather has been crazy annoying lately. It’s starts off cool in the mornings and then it gets super hot the rest of the day. So we headed for some shade and had lunch.

Before heading out we took some fun pictures. IMG_28441377064_10100848675060505_4455284300517045586_n

How tall this fall?

picstitchFun times! Click here to see our past visit.

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