Pumpkin Patch {2015}

Every fall we take Sarah to the Pumpkin Patch for some fall fun.

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I love fall and the cooler weather. Unfortunately So Cal is having unbelievable hot weather. Making fall unnoticeable and our trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year short.

We started our day by taking photos with some of the props. IMG_1289 IMG_1282We walked around a bit and spotted some Halloween themed games. IMG_1297 IMG_1290For lunch I seeked out all the pumpkin items. I started with pumpkin (and tomato-basil) empanadas and ended with a pumpkin shake. IMG_1279IMG_1305

Both were really really good!

It was hot, but lot’s of fun! I love our fall traditions! IMG_1299The following week we met our friends for a play date at the Pumpkin Patch. DSC06162IMG_1428DSC06179IMG_1411 - favWe tired getting a group picture, but the kids were not having it :(DSC06145So instead Erin took some cute pictures of Jacob and me. DSC06155 DSC06156   I love the farm during this time of the year. Everything is so beautiful! IMG_1454Just like last year we measured our height near the “How Tall This Fall” sign. This time Jacob participated too!ImageMaybe next year I’ll get them to smile at the camera ;)

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