The Brita Bottle for Kids

I came across this Brita Bottle when Sarah used to drink formula. This was the perfect solution for my anxiety of not having enough filtered water for her formula. The refillable bottle is great for the environment, too! It was a wonderful find and I’ve even turned some mamas onto […]

Farm Fresh To You

While hubby and I lived in Sonoma County, I really wanted to take part in a fresh produce delivery system. It seemed so natural to eat from the nearby farms! As much as I wanted to participate in getting fresh fruits and veggies every week, I couldn’t convince hubby that […]

High Holidays {2012}

Most of you probably opened this blog thinking I was going to talk about the Holiday Season (Thanksgiving and Christmas), but I’m actually referring to the Jewish Holidays (or Hagim in Hebrew). September and October is filled with Jewish holidays. September 16th-18th is Rosh Hashanah: is the Jewish New Year. […]


I’m very fortunate to have two sweet, caring and loving sisters! Although we are not close in age we have always been very close. So close that I call each of them my best friends. Oshrat, the middle sister, was even my Maid Of Honor at my wedding. Back when […]

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