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Halloween {2015}

We had a busy Halloween week this year. Sarah got to wear her costume 6 times before Halloween even started! Our theme this year was from the movie, Minions.


If you know Sarah personally you’d know she is obsessed with those yellow and blue guys. Even though we already dressed as the characters from the movie, Despicable Me, for Purim in 2013, she insisted we do it again! I didn’t feel like getting dressed up this year, but I bought the kiddos their costume and hubby still had his. A week before Halloween, Sarah asked me to dress up like the character Scarlet Overkill. With my new haircut and a quick visit to TJ Maxx I came up with my interpretation of Sandra Bullock’s character.

I had my first opportunity to dress as Scarlet at Amy’s party. IMG_1496Next up was a Trick-or-Treat event at our local Target. IMG_1506Sarah loved running around her favorite store for candy!

Later that day we went to a party at Taylor’s house.IMG_1574A couple days later we had professional pictures of the kids at the park. A mom posted a deal on FB that she was taking pictures of kids dressed in costumes. Being that it was Jacob’s first Halloween I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.sarah and jacob - full resAfter nap one afternoon I put on Jacob’s Halloween bib that read, My First Boo.IMG_1825I also put him in his little pumpkin shoes.

Our next event was the annual group photo shoot and potluck.12193687_10156166659660075_5437077976933190318_n IMG_1693It’s so cute seeing all the siblings this year!

Both kiddos had their class dress up day.IMG_1778 IMG_1659After our busy week I hosted Spooky Shabbat.IMG_1791  We ended our week with a potluck and Trick-or-Treating with friends on Halloween. IMG_1855IMG_1852Happy Halloween!

Spooky Shabbat {2014}

For the past 6 years hubby (then my boyfriend) and I have hosted a sit down dinner on the Friday before Halloween. We’ve nicknamed it Spooky Shabbat.

This year everyone was excited that Halloween fell on Shabbat and nicknamed it Shabbatoween.

We still prefer to call it Spooky Shabbat.

In the past years I’ve gotten really creative. One year I sent chocolate witches fingers as an invite.


Since having Sarah I’ve toned it down and made it more kid friendly. Brighter colors and things have been less dark.


Due to this difficult pregnancy I’ve been much slower these days. So I planned a low key menu for a few of our friends.

Our menu:

menuI always frame our menu so guests know what to expect.

The appetizers included:

Eye Crusties – pimento-stuffed green olives rolled in thawed puff pastry strips for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.


Alien Larve with Blood Sauce – recipe can be found here.


Heartbeat Salad – sliced beets and spinach in a vinaigrette sauce.


For the entree I wanted to make something hearty so we wouldn’t want to eat too much junk later that night.

Monster Meat – recipe can be found here.

IMG_3242Smashed Bones – mashed potatoes.

Sweet Thumbs – ran out of time and never got to make it :(

Since we would be eating lot’s of sweets that night I only made one dessert.

Swamp Trifle – layered brownie pieces and dyed vanilla pudding with gummy body parts on top.IMG_3193IMG_3196

For drinks I made “I See You” lemonade.


With our bellies full we ready to trick-or-treat with the kids.

Hope you had a nice Halloween.

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