What’s Up Wednesday {June 2016}


 I’m linking up with some awesome bloggers for some random fun.

What we’re eating this week…

I have a sore throat and feel achy so menu planning has been on the back burner. Luckily it’s an easy week. IMG_9473

What I’m reminiscing about…

My sister and her FIANCE were here last weekend. Can’t believe she’s engaged!!! We had so much fun hanging out together. I miss her already and it’s only been a few days :(IMG_9224IMG_9266IMG_9271IMG_9309 IMG_9330 What I’m loving…

Sarah has been in dance camp this week. I love spending one on one time with my little man.IMG_9429What we’ve been up to…

Both kids took swim lessons this month. Sarah got a refresher and Jacob got an intro to swimming.IMG_9089IMG_9092What I’m dreading…

It’s been hot! Like 106 hot! July is only going to get hotter.

What I’m working on…

Spring/summer cleaning. I have so many things I want to do around the house. With Sarah in camp all week I have no excuses. I started with my closet. Ahhh it’s nice when everything fits!IMG_8700What I am excited about…

Helping my sister plan her wedding! Ahhh I can’t believe she’s engaged!!!!IMG_9236What I’m watching…

Southern Charm — I secretly want to be a southern belle!

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead - Season 4 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Anybody else watching it? The reunion was a hot mess!

What I’m listening to…

Sarah loves TRYING to sing the lyrics to Drake’s Hotline Bling and I like Drake’s other song, One Dance.

What I’m wearing…

I got some super cozy and cute jammies last week. I wore them to our staycation (more about that later). I feel like they were made for me! IMG_9332 IMG_9337What I’m doing this weekend…

A lot of this

 What I’m looking forward to next month…
Crossing more things off our summer listIMG_9453
What else is new…
Planning another summer vacation. This time we want to rent an RV! Eeks! Not sure I’m ready for it, but my family really wants to rent one.

Question of the month is:
What is your favorite 4th of July Tradition and/or Recipe?

We love 4th of July so much that we usually stretch it out for 3 days! We start off by going to a community 3rd of July celebration with our friends. It’s so much fun!IMG_20140703_194920899 - favIf you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by!

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