Indoors vs Outdoors

When I was young I played outside everyday until my mom called my sisters and me in for dinner. I rode my bike, played skip it, hula hooped and even joined my neighbors in a game of basketball. I did not like being inside and I didn’t care for the TV. As I grew older, though, I started to watch some TV while I helped my mom fold the laundry. On some weekends I stayed in and watched shows like Full House or Saved By The Bell, but I didn’t ask to watch TV. If it was on I watched it and if it wasn’t I was reading Goosebumps in my bed.

Nowadays kids are not outside often enough and we as parents are part to blame. I live in an apartment with no backyard, so Sarah’s outdoor exposure is slim. Therefore I try to spend our mornings outdoors. Between mommy and me, school, the park, story time at the library and play dates we are constantly busy. However after nap time we relax and stay indoors.

When Sarah is sick or when I’m being lazy, we stay inside all day. This means entertaining her or giving her things she can use to entertain herself.

A while back hubby found a good deal on an older iPad model. Never really using one before, I didn’t get excited or think we needed it.

We’ve had it for a few months now. I’m happy to report what an incredible learning tool this is for Sarah. When we stay home on sick days or when I need to cook dinner and hubby is not home, Sarah can navigate (as she’s taught herself to do!) through a page of great learning applications.

Here are some of our favorites:

Fisher Price Let’s Count Animals!

Fisher Price Where’s Puppy’s Nose?

Fisher Price Shapes & Colors

Farm 123

Hippo Hooray Colors

If you’re happy and you know it

Peekaboo Barn

I don’t intend on this electronic device ever replacing her outdoor time, but I do think it’s a great tool for kids to learn from.

Does your child have an iPad? Do you have any great apps not listed above that are worth sharing?

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Michal Ema Benson

I enjoyed so much to read it! I remember you as a child, you loved so much to play outside after homework and before dinner. You was such a good girl and you are now and you always will! Love you always and forever.

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