Wedding Anniversary {2014}

Hubby and I recently celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary.

To read about our story click here.

We spent the morning with Sarah at a community event. Then in the afternoon we had our annual family pictures taken. That evening we had his mom watch Sarah while we went out for our dinner date.

Both hubby and I really wanted steak so I suggested Mastro’s.

So happy I did, it was delicious!!

My steak was cooked to perfection and the live band was great.


 I haven’t had much of an appetite this month so I was surprised I was able to finish my steak. I had a few bites of the sides, but couldn’t eat more.

For dessert we ordered a chocolate torte.


I love chocolate and I love chocolate desserts, but again I didn’t have much of an appetite so after a few bites I was done.

We had a lovely day celebrating our anniversary.


To many more anniversaries.

I love you! xo


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Michal ema Benson

Happy Anniversary to you both! For many many more! I am enjoying to read your stories so much. Love you and miss you so much. Kisses.

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