Vero Gusto Sauce

What’s for dinner? My least favorite daily task. My kids wanted my go to chicken and I wanted a carby dish…ta da! My version of a #dairyfree chicken parmigiana was born! Thanks to Moms Meet I was introduced to Vero Gusto sauce by Barilla.

Vero Gusto is a line of premium Italian sauces from Barilla. Made in Italy, each of the 4 sauces showcase some of the best ingredients from the region, like Calabrian Pepper, Genovese Basil, and Datterini Tomatoes. Made with the simplest ingredients, it’s sauté and slow simmer them for a robust, balanced taste and texture – just like a sauce you would make at home.

At home we got to try Calabrian Marinara!

I prepped my station and got to work!

After making my go to schnitzel chicken I added cooked pasta into a pan and added my Vero Gusto sauce by Barilla.

Did you know Vero Gusto means “true taste” in Italian?

Finally I topped my pasta with chicken and served the family a delicious meal everyone was able to enjoy.

Vero Gusto sauce by Barilla is made with 100% Italian tomatoes, selected at their peek ripeness for a distinct sweet taste.
🍅 Made with 100% extra virgin olive oil
🍅 No added sugar, water or tomato paste

🍅 No preservatives or artificial ingredients

🍅 Non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free

🛒 Available at, Vons, Ralph’s and Target.

What for dinner tonight? Let me know in the comments below!

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