Tooth Fairy

It’s been a big week of milestones around here!

After an awesome first day of kindergarten Sarah was sitting in class when all of a sudden she felt something loose in her mouth. She raised her hand and mumbled something to the teacher. The teacher thought she had to throw up so she escorted Sarah to the sink. Turns out she lost her first tooth!!!IMG_0888

The teacher gave her a tooth keepsake and marked her name on the tooth board.IMG_1329IMG_1052

To celebrate the big week full of milestones we went out for ice cream!IMG_0894

Later that day the tooth fairy came by for a visit.

Sarah received $2 and this receipt. IMG_1175Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.08.25 PMBar code generator can be found here.

Download Toothfairy Receipt here.

She woke up excited to see money and a coupon (what she called the receipt).

Two days later she lost her 2nd tooth!

From all the excitement Sarah has already decided to use her earnings. She bought this cute little stuffed cat.IMG_1330

What a week!

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[…] It was a big year for Sarah! She started kindergarten, got glasses and lost a couple of teeth! […]

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