Tiffany’s Wedding Week: The Wedding

After a week of hair, make up, heels and lot’s of parties, like the Hinna and Mikavh, my baby cousin, Tiffany got married!! Not only was this a special occasion for our family, but it was also Sarah’s first time as a flower girl.

The bride and her flower girl.

IMG_4217Instead of the traditional flower basket, Tiffany wanted Sarah to hold a sign that read, “Here comes your bride”. 10395831_10152944537801257_1804078420204475891_nSarah loved the honor and couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle.

Sarah got all dressed up for the special occasion. She had her hair curled at my mom’s salon and even got to wear red lipstick!

IMG_4219She loved it!

My cousins daughter, Daniella also walked down the aisle with Sarah. Here are the girls having a dance party before they head down the aisle. IMG_4220IMG_4221They were so cute together! IMG_4227My sister was also part of the bridal party. Here is my sister and Sarah.IMG_4282Trying to keep two toddlers in line while everyone was starting to make their way down the aisle was quite a challenge. IMG_4228They just wanted to dance and move around. After the last couple left the room I walked out with both girls and walked them to their starting point. They both stood their for a minute as everyone was staring at the two cute girls. It looked like a great time for the photographer to get some good shots. Unfortunately, my cousin has not yet received her wedding photos. The following pictures were taken with friends and family members phone. IMG_427610176127_10205527151007508_7865141323379732528_nThey both made their way down the aisle and went to their chairs. I quickly ran up the side to meet Sarah.

We watched as the bride and groom walked down the aisle into the chupah.IMG_4231IMG_4236Not even 5 minutes into the ceremony Sarah said she needed to pee. So we took a couple of pictures and headed back to the bridal room.IMG_4238I tried watching the ceremony from the room, but Sarah wanted to play.IMG_4242Finally inside the gorgeous ballroom!IMG_4256Sarah had so much fun!IMG_4248IMG_4246She was a little dancing queen. I however was exhausted. After a week of celebrations that included many salon trips and multiple nights in stilettos, I was done. I sat the majority of the night and took pictures of Sarah enjoying herself.

IMG_4251IMG_4252Then came the delicious dessert table! Yum was I in heaven!!IMG_4268My cousins and I are very close. We grew up together so it’s always fun when we are able to share in each others special occasions. One of my favorite pictures, it this picture of all of my cousins (on my dad’s side) with our grandpa. The cousins

“Cousins are childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.” – Anonymous

Mazal tov Tiffany and Oren! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!

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