Tiffany’s Wedding Week: Mikvah Party

Before heading down the aisle most Jewish brides have the custom to go to the Mikvah.

A mikvah is a body of water where a woman purifies her self prior to getting married. A mikvah is also used to cleanse your body after your monthly cycle. You can read more about it here.

As a Sephardic Jew we take it one step further and have a Mikvah Party.  

I also had my own mikvah party prior to getting married.

IMG_3431 - groupTo continue Tiffany’s Wedding Week of fun we headed to the Mikvah to help Tiffany celebrate. IMG_4121IMG_4123

Tiffany’s mom, sisters, aunts and cousins.

IMG_4280 - groupAfter dipping in the Mikvah, Tiffany back out to her family and guests. We through candy and chocolate at her as a sign of a sweet future. Sarah was our special helper and picked up all the sweet treats.IMG_4129Living on the west coast I miss out a lot on family activates so it means a lot when I can participate in such special occasions.

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