Tiffany’s Wedding Week: Hinna

While in Florida, my family and I attended my cousin, Tiffany’s Hinna party.

IMG_4064A Hinna is a Moroccan style party before the wedding. It’s quite a party! From beautiful colors to Moroccan music. It’s a non-stop party for the bride and groom’s family and friends. Here is the tent where the bride and groom will later sit.

IMG_410610865942_10152915320678749_4916974595271489719_o(pictures are from my uncle’s company, Amazing Events.)

The table decoration were gorgeous as well!

IMG_4058Close family members and the bridal party dress in bright colored cafatn’s during a special ceremony. We also wore gold chain headwraps on our heads that I bought from Claire’s. Here are my mom, sisters and Sarah.

IMG_4076They didn’t have a caftan in Sarah’s size so we improvised and wrapped a wrap that had gold coins.

IMG_4086Me and my Sarah.IMG_4081Here is the beautiful bride and groom in their carriers. To the right is a picture of them with their Henna. More about it here. 10300265_10152944548956257_5409277539686983050_nSarah and I got some henna too.

IMG_4087My sister, Oshrat and I with our hennas.IMG_4089Sarah had so much fun! She loved playing in the “house” with her cousin Daniella. IMG_4042IMG_4044I’ll blog about the wedding in the next few days…

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