4th of July {2015}

Just like previous years, we celebrated 4th of July for three consecutive days. This time the holiday started on Friday night. The 3rd… We started the weekend at our friends house for Shabbat dinner. Jacob got dressed up for the special dinner. The 4th… We spent the day at our […]

Memorial Day {2015}

Just like last year we spent the holiday BBQing with friends. This year we set up our potluck at the park. My friend, Cheryl got there early and snagged this gorgeous pavilion. It was a lovely day! The kids had so much fun!Jacob spent most of the day in the […]

Memorial Day {2014}

Happy Memorial Day to all those who served and serve our amazing country! Before the weekend even started we woke up Friday morning to a bubble of water on our kitchen ceiling. After a quick call to maintenance they came over to assess the damage. They closed off part of […]

Mother’s Day {2013}

I have been blessed with the title of being a mama and yesterday I got to celebrate my third Mother’s Day! I had a very nice day! Hubby made us breakfast in the morning. Then Sarah and I attended a birthday party. While Sarah was napping I enjoyed a quiet […]

Yom Kippur {2012}

2 down and 2 more to go! It’s been three years in a row that we have “celebrated” Yom Kippur at the Hyatt hotel. As an observant Jew we walk to synagogue multiple times a day, fast (yes that includes no liquids or food of any kind) and no use […]

Rosh Hashana {2012}

I love hosting events and dinners. I especially love hosting the Holidays! But when your whole family is sick, what is a host to do?! I did something I have never done before, I canceled my Rosh Hashanah Holiday dinner. It started off on Wednesday night. Sarah woke up screaming […]

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