Summer Toddler Snacks

Since I made all of Sarah’s baby food from scratch, I was on a big kick to find some homemade toddler snacks and treats for the summer. With only a week left before summer vacation is over I thought I’d share our favorites.

Applesauce Bites

The easiest recipe ever. Place applesauce in Ziploc bag. Cut the corner of the Ziploc bag and squeeze onto baking sheet. Freeze overnight.

photo 1

207243_10152596131485571_581804135_nYogurt Bites

Same recipe as Applesauce Bites but with yogurt instead.

photo 2photo 4Yogurt Covered Fruit

Place cut up fruit (smaller the better) into bowl with yogurt. Scoop each fruit piece onto baking sheet. Freeze overnight.



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