Snow Day

To experience winter as a Southern California resident we drive to a park were truckloads of ice will then be shaven in to tiny pieces so my kid can play in the “snow”. 

And all of this was free!

A park near our home was offering their annual Snow Day program.

There were vendors, food trucks and snow! 

Before heading to the snow area Sarah spotted her favorite princesses, Anna and Elsa!

IMG_3351 - anna and elsaIMG_3352Sarah was super shy! She couldn’t believe she was meeting her favorite princess!

IMG_3353Elsa assured her it was ok and off we went to play with the snow.

IMG_3356IMG_3359Yup, that’s my So Cal girl in a long sleeve shirt and shorts! Got to love the hot 80’s in November.

After some fun in the snow we checked out the slides.

IMG_3362IMG_3363IMG_3364IMG_3365Sarah and daddy loved it!

I wanted to join them, but slippery ice and being pregnant is not such a good match. However seeing her smile was pure happiness!

We walked around some more, made an iceman and played with the snow.


It got too hot at one point so we left early and went home.

It was a fun morning! Hoping to play with real snow after the holidays.

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