Show & Tell Tuesday – Holiday Decor

Show and Tell Tuesdays pt 1

I’m liking up with Andrea and Erika for Show and Tell Tuesdays. I’m a bit late. But that’s life right now.

The theme this week…Holiday Decor.

Since we celebrate Chanukah we don’t go all out and decorate the house like most people, but thanks to America for branching out we have some decorations we put up each December.

Last year I shared my Chanukah decorations here and since then we’ve added a few things.img_3469

We each have our own menorah. Jacob has the one made out of foam (that my mom got for Sarah a couple of years ago), Sarah has the one she made in preschool and hubby and I light one as well.

I put all of our Chanukah books together in a magazine holder.

The beautiful Happy Hanukah sign in blue was made by my friend, Stacee and a gift for my birthday this year.

Finally, Mensh on the Bench came out to visit.img_3453img_3455

Last year my mother in law got Jacob his own cloth menorah.img_3452Our table is lightly decorated with a big driedel shaped cookie jar, driedel shaped spice shakers and different types and sized driedels. img_3457img_3458We have a a couple towels hanging in the kitchen.img_3462A banner on the staircase.img_3466A sign on door.img_3465And our family favorite, cards and pictures from our family and friends. Right now I have my birthday cards mixed with the cards we received below the counter, but as soon as my birthday is done I will remove them. img_3473Do you decorate your home? Please link up with us.

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Happy Tuesday!


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