Show & Tell Tuesday: Best Gift

Show and Tell Tuesdays pt 1

It’s Show & Tell Tuesday!

The topic today is, what are some of your best gifts.


The best gift I have ever received has to be the necklace my hubby bought me last Mother’s Day.IMG_7057

 It’s simple yet beautiful. The best part is it has both of my kids name on it.

I wear it so often that I have had to clean it several times already.


I prefer savory foods over sweet foods, but I LOVE chocolate candy. Anytime there is an occasion and I get some chocolate candy I am one happy girl.


I’ve been told the way I eat chocolate is kind of crazy unique. I like to take a bite of each piece and decide if I like it or if I want to give it away. Then a day or two later I go back to my box and eat the ones I like. That way there are no surprises AND I only eat the ones I’ve already tasted.

Win win!chocolate candies 001

What’s your favorite gifts? Comment below or better yet link up with us.

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