Show & Tell Tuesday – Kids Parties

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Kids Parties.

Sarah’s 1st Birthday – Sesame StreetThis birthday part was my introduction to kids birthday parties. As a wedding and event planner I dreamed about planning my kids birthday party one day. I was super excited to bring Sarah’s favorite character (at the time) to life.   I even took a class just so I could make her birthday party cake. Sarah’s 2nd Birthday – Minnie Mouse This is when the crazy started. I made homemade goldfish AND homemade fruit snacks. I made centerpieces for every table and made my own decorations. I spent hours making cupcake toppers and a baby trail mix as favors. I basically lost my mind. However, I think this was the prettiest party she had.

Sarah’s 3rd Birthday – Doc McStuffins

This was a fun party to host. I got a little Pinterest happy and made a ton of things. Sarah’s 4th Birthday – Frozen

After watching Frozen in the theater I knew we needed to do a Frozen themed birthday party. We surprised Sarah with a visit from Elsa!

I was super pregnant with Jacob so I didn’t go Pinterest crazy this time, but we did do a few things. Sarah’s 5th/Jacob’s 1st Birthday – Superheroes

With the kids birthday date so close we decided to combine birthdays this year.

I even had a custom cape made for the birthday girl!

Sarah’s 6th Birthday will be in Disneyland this year. We are so excited!

However miss social wanted a little neighborhood party. Thanks to Pinterest I have too many ideas already.These type of parties might stress people out, but I truly enjoy it. When Sarah says things like, “this is the best day ever!” I know I’ve accomplished something and to me her joy matters most.

I also like making a Shutterfly book for each of their birthday parties. Sarah will randomly sit and look at them and point to what she loved about each party. Happy Tuesday!

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