Show & Tell Tuesday: Holiday Decorations

Show and Tell Tuesdays pt 1

It’s Show & Tell Tuesday!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in this Show & Tell Tuesday, but then I decided to try it out. Turns out is was fun!

Since our family celebrates Chanukah we don’t go all out decorating our house like most people do for Christmas.

However we have some fun things and things that have a lot of meaning to us.

Welcome to our home!

IMG_0821 IMG_0842

I love giving and getting holiday cards! I string them by the dining room table where we can always see our family and friends. IMG_0847 IMG_0826

The foam menorah is for Jacob and the two handmade menorahs were made by Sarah in preschool. IMG_0823

These menorahs are for hubby and me to light. My mom gave us the one on the right after we got married. The left menorah is the one we bought together as a married couple. IMG_0824

This personalized cloth menorah was a present from Sarah’s grandma. This is one of our favorite pieces! Sarah also has a snow and menorah window cling. We have one string of blue lights hanging in our patio.IMG_0852A little festive towels in the bathroom.IMG_0853

Between our PJ Library subscription and books I have bought for the kids through out the years we have quiet the collection.IMG_0848

Thanks for stopping by!

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