Sesame Street

I didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street. I was into Kidsongs and Barney (I know how lame! But hey I had younger sisters ;) ).

Hubby however was a real fan of SS and watched it often. So often he knew certain episodes by memory!

From the first day Sarah laid her eyes on Elmo and friends, she was hooked! Every time she got sick we would have a SS marathon. She grew to really like it and even requested the show. Her second word was actually Abby (the main female character on the show).

Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that we celebrated her first birthday Sesame Street style.

Last week Jerry Nelson, Count von Count died at the age of 78. It’s sad to see any of her beloved characters die. Especially the Count! His main role was to teach kids how to count. Sarah loved his song about the number eight. If you’d like to watch it click here. She even yells it out when she sees it on buildings, etc.. So sorry to see you go Count von Count.

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