School Pictures {2012}

Today Sarah and I completed our first semester of school. It’s been a lot of fun! We have already signed up for a second semester.

We started the school year with school pictures. It seems silly that a not even 2-year-old has “school” pictures, but they happen to be some of the cutest pictures I have of Sarah.

School Picture

We also took a class picture.

Class Picture copy

Almost every week Sarah creates a masterpiece that I’ve been documenting in my Artkive iPhone app. It’s been a great way to share with our family who isn’t close by. Want to see Sarah’s artwork? Let me know and I’ll be happy to add you to the list :)

Some of Sarah’s favorite activities in school are the tactile bin, the bubble machine and riding the rocking hoarse.


Catching some bubbles


Here is Sarah and I riding the rocking hoarse.


For the holidays, Sarah and I got creative with the teachers gift. Sarah colored on one side and I had my MIL (she has better handwriting then me) write a message on the other side of the mug (which I found at the Dollar Tree). Then we baked it in the oven, included a gift card to Starbucks and wrapped it in cellophane along with a silver bow. It was a fun and affordable gift we could do together. The good news is Miss D has been using it every morning as she drinks her morning coffee at school!


Sarah has been expanding what she likes to watch on TV (thank g-d! I was getting quite tired of Sesame Street). Still only watching PBS, we’ve been watching Sid the Science Kid. Our favorite part of the show is when Sid’s mom takes him to day care. On the way to day care Sid and his mom sing a very cute and catchy song. Since we’ve seen it Sarah and I dance and sing along when it comes on TV. I’ve recently started singing it to her on the way to school. Sometimes she will even remind me by saying, “cool”. Got to love how a toddlers brain works!

Check out the song here. It’s a fun way to start your day!

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Michal ema Benson

I love to read and share with you all the great moment in Sarah’s life. It makes me feel great ! You doing a great job my love. Love you both forever and always.


Great class photo! So cute!

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