School Field Trip {2013}

After visiting the farm with our mommy group, Sarah and I went again for a class field trip.

However this time it was different. Between Sarah’s bestie, Charlie, not able to attend due to a cold and how our morning ended, this field trip is a trip I will remember forever.

The morning started out really nice. The weather was warmer then the forecast read, but we were prepared for the mud we heard would be at the farm.

IMG_1730While waiting for the wagon ride, I took this great picture of Sarah and her teacher.IMG_1732IMG_1731Shortly after, we got on the wagon. The wagon ride brought a lot of giggles from my smiley Sarah.

IMG_1745IMG_1746IMG_1749IMG_1748A little selfie with my Boo-Tiful ghost.

IMG_1759Finally we reached our destination to find the perfect pumpkin.

IMG_1774Or as Sarah prefers, the smallest pumpkin in the patch. After finding a pumpkin for me we explored the farm.

IMG_1778IMG_1789IMG_1805IMG_1813A few of our friends were heading to ride area to ride the train. I asked Sarah if she wanted to go on the train with her friends. She said no to that, but she wanted to go on a pony ride.

I explained to her that I needed to buy tickets and walked to the ticket booth.

She quickly began her plethora of why questions. Why do we need tickets? So that we can go on the pony ride. Why are we going on the pony? Because you asked me to go on the pony rides. We are going to see horses? Yes. She says, Ok! Phew! That was a close one. We’ve been known to go at it for a while.

With two pumpkins, a diaper bag and a 30 lb kid in my arms I decided to put everything down on the ground in order to get my wallet and pay the ticket booth lady.

After handing her my money I turned to hand Sarah her tickets.

Except she wasn’t next to me!!

I scanned my area and started to yell her name.


No answer.

I couldn’t see her. My heart began to beat fast. My palms started to sweat.

She’s normally easy to spot, as she can usually be found dancing to a beat she hears in the distance.

I scanned another area and yelled out for her again.


I quickly moved to another area and yelled her name repeatedly.


No answer!

I quickly sent a text to my mommy friends that came to farm with us, “Can’t find Sarah!!!”

My heart was beating out of my chest. I began to breathe heavily. I suddenly stopped what I was doing while images of the movie, “Taken” were running through my head.

A few seconds later I was startled by the loud speaker.

“Sharon please come to the ticket booth, we have your daughter.”

What? The ticket booth? I was just there?!?

I raced to the ticket booth to see my Sarah smiling and laughing as usual. My pounding heart slowed down as I picked her up and hugged her tightly.

I asked her with a weakened voice, “Where did you go?” She said with a smile, “The lady has cupcakes!”  I hugged her tightly again. I explained to her, “Mommy was scared. I couldn’t find you.”  She continued by asking, “Mommy can I have a cupcake?”. The lady breaks our conversation to say, “While you and I were discussing tickets, she came around the building and spotted some cupcakes. Can she have one?”

I responded quickly, “NO!” and continued telling Sarah that what she did was scary and not OK.

What felt like forever, must have only been a few minutes.

I hugged her tightly again and nuzzled her neck. I took a deep breath as I laid my head on her head. She popped up and said, “Sorry mommy.”

I think she understood. If nothing else, I think she got that I was scared.

She pointed to the pony rides and requested we go there.

I went back for my stuff with Sarah still in my arms. I explained to her that we needed to go home (I was still shaken up) and she insisted on a pony ride.

I let her get in line, as I needed a moment.

The ponies that rode the loop while we were waiting in line stopped to let other kids get on for their ride.

I managed to take this picture of Sarah smiling as she was ridding the horse. After that scary situation I was overjoyed to see her smile as if nothing had happened. My eyes welled up as I smiled back.

IMG_1794We started to head toward the exit as Sarah spotted other things she wanted to do. However, I was done! I was done carrying her, two pumpkins and my bag. I was done staring at her and thinking of what could have happened. And frankly, I was done emotionally. So as I juggled to keep all the balls in the air I spotted this large pumpkin, sat Sarah on it and took this picture.

And that’s a wrap! Goodbye Harvest Festival. See you next year!

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