Saved by the Max

Last weekend hubby and I went on a ultimate day date! We went to LA’s most recent pop up shop, Saved by the Max!!!

If you were a Saved By The Bell fan then you would recognize this restaurant from the second you walked in.

After we placed our order our waitress suggested that now would be a good time to walk around and check out all the memorabilia.

First up was Belding’s office. They made his office area into part of the restaurant.

Not only did I get to sit in his desk, I even wrote on his calendar. #90scheese

Next, we walked over to the locker area.

I totally felt like I was on the set of Saved by the Bell!

Me and my very own Zack Morris!

Next, we checked out the arcade (which was on automatic so you could play for free), the pay phone and DJ booth!

Our food was ready, so we sat down to eat.

I got the “I’m So Scared” coffee cocktail (a nod to the episode where Jessie sings the Pointer Sisters tune after she becomes addicted to caffeine pills) and “Beat Valley Buttermilk Pancakes” that had banana and peanut butter syrup. Both were amazing!! Hubby got the “Preppy Pastrami” sandwich and fries.

For dessert we got a vanilla shake to share. Yum!

We walked around some more and played with the props.

I found Kelly’s locker and had fun checking out all the things they put in her locker.

Hubby and I rarely get day dates, but with such a special fun outing I’m glad we got to experience a favorite show when we were teens.

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