Sarah’s Surgery {2017}

When Sarah was 17 months old she had ear tubes surgically placed in her ears (read more about it here).

It was hard for us. She was just a baby.After surgery and a couple healthy years she started to get infections again.

We were told that kids eventually outgrow their tubes and a small percentage of kids might need another set of tubes should the infections continue.

Well after multiple back to back painful ear infections where antibiotics were no longer working, we made the choice to go through with surgery.

We were scared and worried.

But we really had no choice.

EVERY cold turned into an infection. EVERY infection was filled with tears and pain.

We were tired of seeing her in so much pain.

Two weeks ago Sarah had her second set of tubes put in followed by removal of her adenoids.

We got her in her scrubs and waited for more information from the nurse. Sarah loved it! She started asking if she could take the socks home? When can we start? When can I have a popsicle?  After a visit with the surgeon, the nurse gave Sarah some sleepy medicine.

She played a bit with her bear and then asked for my phone. She receded a video that shows her getting loopy. It’s hard to watch if you don’t know why she’s loopy. Sweet dreams my love! Mama is waiting for you.

This time they had us wait in a room with all the other families. I kept making sure not to blink so that I didn’t miss any changes on the screen. We watched this screen until her number tuned blue.

Surgery took much longer then expected, but thank g-d it was very successful.

They have a new system now where they ween the kids off of the drugs very very slowly so not to startle the child like before.

She came out very very loopy and it stayed that way for a long time, but it was much much better then last time.

Once she was up the nurse came over with a Popsicle.

 We hung out for a while until it was time to come home.

Thank you to my friends and family for all the balloons, art projects, toys, ice pops, ice cream, treats and gifts.

A special shout out to my MIL for holding down the fort and watching Jacob while we were with our baby girl.

It means a lot to have such wonderful people in our life!

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