Sarah is 7 Months Old!

For the first year of Sarah’s life I documented her milestones on my iPhone. I also managed to take monthly pictures. Now that she has turned 2 years old, I thought it would be fun to backtrack. Plus blogging is a much better way to display milestones than a baby book.


Here are Sarah’s 7 months stats:

Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz

Height: didn’t get it this month

Clothing Size: 6-9 months

Diaper Size: size 3

Food: Zucchini

What’s New:

Almost crawls aka rocks.


Sits in a high chair at a restaurant for a the first time.

We packed up the swing, gym and travel system car seat.

 She’s loves the Jumperoo!

Sequels when mad.


Finds and puts pacifier in her mouth.

Picks up a Puff and puts it in her mouth.

2nd cold :(

Stands alone while holding onto sofa!

Sleep training again due to colds.


Checking out My Gym
Checking out My Gym


Celebrating Halloween with our mommy group
Celebrating Halloween with our mommy group
Twin Tinkerbell's
Twin Tinkerbell’s


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