Sarah is 4!

Last week our daughter, Sarah tuned 4!

Leading up to the big day we celebrated her 4th birthday party at the park.IMG_1569 - fav

A few days later hubby and I brought treats and shared the celebration in her class.IMG_6168 IMG_6170

The day of her actual birthday started off with a traditional sweet treat and candle upon woke up.

IMG_6198 Watch the video here.

Next on the agenda was a mommy and daughter date to the movies. We watched Cinderella.IMG_6210 IMG_6212

It was an adorable movie! I even cried (damn hormones!!) when the mom died. Before the mother died she told her daughter to “have courage and be kind.” I thought the message was really fitting for my birthday girl. Have courage and be kind Sarah. 

After lunch and nap, our family headed to her school play. The theme was Gardening and Sarah was a dancing strawberry. She took her roll seriously and twirled when she got on stage. IMG_6230 IMG_6244

Sarah and Emily after the show.IMG_6258

Just like the past few birthdays Sarah requested sushi for dinner. IMG_6268 IMG_6274

We had a great day together!

Next year her birthday will be a bit different. There will be another kid (g-d willing) in the family. And who knows if we will combine their birthday parties or maybe just take a trip somewhere instead. Whatever we choose to do it’s going to be different. So I made sure to really embrace our special day together.

Here are some things about my 4 year old:

She is sassy and stubborn, but can also be very sweet.

She is still shy the first few minutes upon meeting her, but then opens up to people and becomes their best friend.

Her palette hasn’t changed much from last year (see Sarah turns 3 post here.) She still likes and dislikes to eat the same things.

Thanks to preschool, she can spell her name.

She loves anything to do with Minions and the movie Frozen.

She still naps 2 hours a day. On occasion we’ve skipped it and she becomes super cranky before bed.

She has a great imagination and can play with her figurines for a long time.

She loves playing dress up, but still likes to be silly.IMG_0836IMG_0989 - minionIMG_1877IMG_5134 IMG_5990 IMG_5151 IMG_0862 Happy 4th birthday Sarah! I love you so much! Have courage and be kind my love.

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